The leading Real Estate Agencies of Marbella and Estepona join together to create the first organization that aims to establish quality standards within the industry and protect the interests of both agents and owners in their dealings with the authorities.

Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA) was born from the union of professionals in the sector whose main objective is to offer a quality service, emphasizing the excellence of the industry and guaranteeing total transparency of the activity. It is very important for this sector to work on professional ethics and to draw up a code that includes a series of guidelines that the professionals must comply with in order to carry out their activity and provide an excellent service. Some of these guidelines, such as training and experience, will be valued.

“Marbella has undergone a phase that we all want to erase, hence the need to look to other countries where this profession is regulated and operates in a more orderly and transparent way,” was mentioned during the presentation of the LPA.

Another of the association’s main objectives is to serve as an intermediary platform between the Real Estate industry and any entity that regulates matters that directly or indirectly affect the activity. This is undoubtedly a great tool that will help to end malpractice in the sector and protect consumers, both local and foreign.

The association, which was presented last July in Marbella, was attended by Ángeles Muñoz, the mayor of the city, and other founding partners, leading professionals and agencies of the Costa del Sol such as NVOGA, Panorama, FM Consulting and Banús Property, among others.


One of the initiatives discussed during the presentation was the regulations for the Mandatory Registration of Real Estate Agents by the Junta de Andalucía, a decree pending approval which is intended to be promoted through the association. This legal mechanism will allow us to watch over the good practices within the sector.

The recently created LPA also has among its challenges to promote the Costa del Sol as a destination for residential tourism, highlighting the advantages of the Andalusian coast as a perfect place to live, both permanently and seasonally.

 The origin of the LPA in the city of Marbella 

It is not a coincidence that the idea of creating the LPA has arisen from professionals who work in the city of Marbella, since it is one of the urban centers where the luxury real estate industry has a bigger impact in our country. 

Lockdown and digital transformation have been other of the main reasons for creating the association, as they will accelerate significant changes in the industry to which we must adapt. 

Jesús García, our General Manager, founding member and board member of the association has been analyzing the impact of the Covid-19 on the real estate sector in Marbella-Estepona together with other professionals in the area. He points out that housing prices will fall between 5 and 25% on the Costa del Sol, depending on the quality of the property.

Undoubtedly, and despite the current circumstances, there are reasons to be optimistic, since among other factors, telework and digital transformation will allow the permanent mobility of professionals to any destination, including the Costa del Sol.

The quality of life on the Costa del Sol, once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, will continue to attract buyers who may consider living all year round in their beachfront residence.

The city of Marbella has an average of 315 sunny days a year, hence the name of the coastline as “Costa del Sol”. This Andalusian coast not only stands out for its climate, but is also a renowned gastronomic destination, which stands out among other things for its many Michelin stars restaurants. 

It is expected that the LPA can help to revalue the role of the Real Estate in the Costa del Sol and to help with the sustainable development of the industry in coming years.

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